Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry

The Jarrold Lab is a world leader in the development and experimentation of Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry for large biological molecules



Charge detection mass spectrometry (CDMS) is an emerging field of mass spectrometry that offers an alternative to TOF and FTICR-MS for measuring high mass ions.  CDMS directly measures the charge state of individual ions, rather than a packet of ions, as they pass near an electrode and induce a charge on the electrode.  This advantage allows the direct measurement of the charge and the velocity of the ion. The velocity is used to directly calculate the m/z of the ion.  For complex systems, such as large molecules and nanoparticles, the CDMS approach provides useful information without the limitations of microchannel plates and without the need for ultra high resolution. Since the m/z and charge is directly known, there is no need to deconvolute a complicated mass to charge spectrum in order to determine the masses of the ions.

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